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My Journeymaker Circle Membership is now open.

Come join us!


How it all started...

When I was going through my own spiritual and psychic awakening, learning to navigate my metaphysical abilities and exploring my intuition, I yearned for someplace to belong. Somewhere where I could be myself, somewhere I could be in the company of others just like me, where I could speak about my feelings and experiences, my fears and insecurities, my dreams and hopes – and where, in that place, people would nod their heads in acceptance and understanding.

I yearned for a group like that my entire life but didn’t find one until I created that group for myself. That group grew of a loyal band of souls who had already been students or readers of my blog and who encouraged me along in the creation of my very first Planner.

This year I've expanded that group into our all-new Journeymaker Circle Membership.

Inside this membership group you’ll have access to:

  • Online courses around a range of subjects to help you explore and work with your own intuitive gifts
  • A library of videos and webinars
  • A library of Guided Meditations
  • Access to live Webinars, and the recordings if you can’t make it to the live event
  • A Book Club – including an opportunity for you to participate live every fortnight
  • Access to my private Facebook Group
  • Live events and online events for members only
  • A community of like-minded and supportive souls – a group where many friendships have already been formed, and where you will feel right at home.

My focus in 2020 is building new material within the Academy and within my Journeymaker Circle Membership. My team and I have a host of exciting new courses that will come online within the Membership Circle over the coming months. So, whether you’re a complete beginner or at a huge stepping-off point to the next level with your own abilities I’ll have material and events to support you on your journey.

If you’re hungering for a safe and supportive place that will help you to grow spiritually, if you are intuitive or empathic or highly sensitive or psychic – or think you might be – my Journeymaker Circle Membership is the place for you.

The next three years 2020 – 2022 are significant for our personal and spiritual evolution, as well as for the evolution of our planet. I thought long and hard about the best way to support your growth over that time and have decided that beefing up the content in my membership area was the best way to help you grow, adapt and step more fully into your authenticity and the life-path you chose for yourself pre-birth, so that my team and I (human and energetic) can serve you the best way I know how.

I can’t wait to welcome you, and share all of this wonderful energy and support with you!

The price for a full year’s membership is US$457.

That gives you access to an ever-expanding catalogue of courses and resources, as well as live online events and our private Facebook membership group.

If you are an existing paid member of my community my team is also standing by to honour your current membership rate.

See you in the Academy!

Biggest hugs and love, Nicole ❤ xoxo


Disclaimer* Membership Discount applicable to fully paid 2019 YOM members only *Goal Magic Course not included

Special Introductory Rate

USD $457




USD $40



"I have been a client of Nicole’s for the last 6 years. I have had readings, attended workshops and retreats and become part of her membership group. Nicole’s compassionate guidance always helps me find peace and solace. All of Nicole’s offerings light a spark in my heart and soul. I feel blessed to have connected with her. I always share my experiences with my empathic friends, recommending that they seek out her Blog for support. Thank you☺ "


"I cannot speak highly enough of the nurturing support and guidance I’ve received from Nicole Cody. She’s brought me from a place of despair, to a place of hope, not by telling me what I should and shouldn’t do, but by helping me find the wisdom and strength with in myself. Her humour in difficult times makes me laugh. Her warmth and generosity fills my heart. I’m a children’s author who once had no confidence in putting my stories out into the world. With Nicole’s help, I found the self-confidence to trust my creativity and I can now stand in front of a room of people and talk positively about myself and my work. I’m forever grateful for her friendship."


"I first came across Nicole in 2003 attended a number of courses over a couple of years and then lost track of her. I found her blog online about 8 years ago. Since then I have attended a retreat every year and belong to a lovely private online “tribe” of like-minded people which Nicole mentors and guides. During this time I have undergone a great deal of change and shedding of layers of old hurts and protection to more fully understand and embrace the real me. I now accept myself fully and am happy in acknowledging I am intuitive, empathic, sensitive and spiritually aware. I now love creating art which comes from the heart, because it resonates with others and speaks my truth. I am forever grateful I have met and been a part of Nicole’s community and attended her retreats. They have been life-changing. I would highly recommend you do the same."


"I have been following Nicole's blog Cauldrons and Cupcakes since 2012. I was the world's biggest skeptic then and thought all this "woo woo" stuff was rubbish. I started realising I was wrong and there was more to life than just this reality. I have attended retreats and learned so much more about myself. Nicole has developed a programme of self learning/motivation for the year. It has been running successfully for 5 years now and is developing as we, her students, are. Nicole’s new website and membership group? I can't wait to see it. I am sure it will be full of lots of useful tips, advice and recipes. I can't wait. I recommend her and her work."


Want a taste of my work without the financial commitment?

My Journeymaker Foundations course is free, and you can access that here.


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